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Components for power electronics

Signal lamps - NEW

Signal lamps

Single-phase RLK-1. - Optic signaling of AC/DC voltage presence in 1-phase network, 130...260 V AC/DC

Three-phase  RLK-3. - Optic signaling of AC voltage presence in 3-phase network - 3(N)~ 400/230 V



Single-phase control lamps – modular covers

Supply voltage AC/DC - AC:50/60 Hz: 130...260 V

Rated power consumption - DC: ≤ 0,7 W

  • RLK-1G  (1 x LED green)
  • RLK-1R  (1 x LED red
  • RLK-1Y  (1 x LED yellow)
  • Download data sheet 

Three-phase control lamps – modular covers

Supply voltage AC - 50/60 Hz: 3(N)~ 400/230 V

Rated power consumption - DC: ≤ 1,1 W

  • RLK-3G   (3 x green LED)
  • RLK-3R   (3 x red LED)
  • RLK-3K   (1 x red LED, 1 x  green LED, 1 x yellow LED)
  • Download data sheet 


Product Change Notification
We would like to inform you about our modified relay R4.
Appearance, overall dimensions, terminal layout and specifications shown on the data sheet
remain unchanged.
The following are the main advantages of the new design:
In order to reduce the number of components and simplify the plastic of the relay assembly we have
redesigned the relay so that the insulation plate is no longer necessary.
To maintain the appropriate distance of insulation and dielectric strength required for the specified
product we have modified the movable contact terminals by reducing their height.
We have tested and verified the maximum dielectric strength of the insulation in a variety of climatic
conditions in laboratory studies for the new solution. We tested 100% of our relays to confirm proper
insulating distances.

The modified relay series was introduced into the marked in July 2016 as versatile, general
purpose products.

Production of relays according to the existing design will be discontinued end of June year

In the days 25 to 29 April 2016 our company participated HANNOVER MESSE.